November 1: Free TRICK-OR-TREAT Halloween Party

  What? Red Hook’s own Yankee Ferry will be hosting a free event for little ghouls and buoys on Saturday, November 1st from 2-5pm. Who? Children and their parents are invited to go trick-or-treating door-to-door aboard the four decks of this historic vessel. RSVP for a special YANKEE FERRY treat Where? Yankee Ferry is located in the Gowanus Bay… Read more →

July 18-19-20: Victoria & Richard product SALE to support Yankee

WHAT?! Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs are having a HUGE warehouse sale! Proceeds will go towards the important restoration of Yankee Ferry! Come explore the old Genoa School, in rural upstate New York, where you will find awesome bargains on Victoria & Richard Emprise product. You will find GARDEN POTS, DISHES, LAMPS, FOOTSTOOLS, JEWELRY and more!  Additionally, one-of-a-kind and historical pieces will… Read more →

July 12: Yankee Ferry opens her gangway for City of Water Day!

  What? For City of Water Day 2014 (check it), Yankee Ferry will open her gangway (11:00 am – 3:00 pm), giving people the opportunity to have a thorough glimpse into this historic vessel, and meet the fantastic and rugged crew who make it all happen. There are secret doors, canon balls, swings, gongs, huge generators, and lots of animals.… Read more →


  In preparation for the arrival of Yankee’s Media Crew Applicants, (Have you applied?) as well as the much grander restoration of Yankee’s hull in Dry Dock, we have organized an adventure week-end of volunteering (we will keep you updated via video and photos, so don’t jump ship, just yet!)  Wassup?  EVERYTHING’S up!   July 4th, 2014 is Yankee’s day… Read more →