In preparation for the arrival of Yankee’s Media Crew Applicants, (Have you applied?) as well as the much grander restoration of Yankee’s hull in Dry Dock, we have organized an adventure week-end of volunteering (we will keep you updated via video and photos, so don’t jump ship, just yet!)  Wassup?  EVERYTHING’S up!


July 4th, 2014 is Yankee’s day of Liberation from some of what ails her.

It will be her very first Professional Workers Volunteer Week-End!

Several of the craftsmen / tradesmen will be week-end Crew, staying aboard, either cozy in their bunks or topside & wide-eyed as fireworks flit like fire flies over the Statue of Liberty.

Stars shall shower down upon them, singing a soft rock lullaby till dawn cracks the covers and winks us all up to our feet again.

We’ll fling flap jacks before wielding an ax, cutting down rough hewn wood into boards to haul aboard to be sawn, scraped, primed, sanded, drilled & nailed into Yankee’s sleek 108 year physique.

With ouching, laughing, singing, and dancing on the pier at nightfall, we shall slave for the renovation and revivification of this grand dame.

All our meals will be manufactured to the beat of the creeks by our  week-end Auxiliary Matey’s.

Would YOU enjoy joining in?  Well, swell!  With skill, or, without, (even if your are just a lowly blogger, we need YOU to follow the story and the ACTION) we can use you, feed you, and liberate YOU, from a ho-hum holiday to one of mapping out day of history, with your name in the annals.

WOULD youenjoy joining in?

Write to!

Here below Victoria shows some of the projects that have to be accomplished this week end.


Repairing starboard loading hatch


Replacing rotting boards aboard!


and here,


and there,


and everywhere!


Oops, and here’s more rotten boards, in the beautiful oaken curved bench behind the piano in the Gallery.


Clockworks, and white.


Topside cracks, which in a storm, route rain throughout the decks below


Can you see that rail?  It’s hanging off, and needs replacing all round Yankee’s girth.



Well, now that we’ve framed up the projects, she climbs back aboard to ready ship to welcome our wonderful volunteers,